ShipZoom Client Testimonials


I contacted ShipZOOM because I was having major problems with my high shipping costs and very frequent damages to my high-end wake surfboards that I personally hand craft. My surfboards are light weight, bulky, and expensive which creates a big challenge in packaging and shipping to insure that the product gets to the customers door safely. Shortly after I contacted them, ShipZOOM took the measurements they needed for all my boards’ shapes and sizes and had a custom box made that was specific for my surfboards. I started using this new design they came up with in August of 2011, and to this day I have not had a board damaged in the box and packaging that ShipZOOM designed for me! I highly commend and recommend ShipZOOM for all their shipping services that they provide whether it be packaging issues or courier rate issues. They helped my company out substantially and allowed me to concentrate on what I do best…which is building surfboards, NOT shipping!

Russell ShipZOOM pic

In 2008 I decided it was time to contract ShipZOOM to take over the shipping of my physical product. At the time my office halls and spare rooms were stacked to the ceiling with product. My secretaries and staff were sick and tired of trying to be the shipping and receiving department. They had to go through the hassle of figuring out box sizes for all of our different products that we were shipping out to our customers, and were also trying to figure out which of the many couriers were going to be the best fit for each particular product. It was a NIGHTMARE! All of the shipping hassle and headaches went away when I found ShipZOOM! They came in and saw how crammed my office was with product and told me they had a facility where they could not only store my product, but fulfill my customer’s orders for me! It was exactly what I was looking for! To this day ShipZOOM warehouses my physical product and downloads orders from my ecommerce shopping carts to ensure that my customers receive their orders in a timely manner.
Russell Brunson, Success Etc.

Dave Lodewyk Photo

I’ve been doing business with ShipZOOM and their predecessor HDI for the past 15 years. Managing the US office of a number of Canadian apparel companies (Tsunami, Gemini Fashions, Sun Ice), we were always challenged relative to US distribution services. We suffered when trying to ship from Canada as the cross-border expense for each transaction was prohibitive (even when importing in bond). Our experience with a number of pick and pack operations was often disastrous, with little flexibility to deal with problems. We recently completed our third year of shipping our Twist apparel product line. Out of better than 500 individual shipments, we had not a single shipping error. We had a snap problem with our down jackets, and ShipZOOM fixed them all and facilitated returns in a timely manner. Our customers never call with a fulfillment issue. It keeps them happy, accounting happy, and our cost down. We can’t afford to commit to warehouse space. It’s nice to know there is someone out there that can handle this function for us hassle free.