Warehouse and Fulfillment Solutions


Our warehouse is located in Boise, Idaho – a US Customs Port of Entry. We are situated just far enough inland from the congested US West Coast ports of entry, but close enough to the Far East traffic lanes to make Boise a convenient and uncongested US Customs Port. Because of our location and close partnership with local US Customs, we can expedite clearance of your products and have them processed for shipment days before West Coast destinations can be cleared. We can also help you arrange the necessary documentation needed for customs clearance (POA, Bond, invoice, packing list, C/O, ISF, etc.)


Our years of national and international freight experience will provide your company with the most efficient and cost effective means of delivering products from your manufacturer to your customers’ locations. Shipzoom will manage all your ground, ocean, and air transportation needs, saving you time and money.


We provide clean and secure storage for all of your products, including pallet and bulk storage. With ample warehouse space available, your company can grow consistently without making investments in fixed warehouse costs.


  • Receive shopping cart orders over the internet and integrate that data into our order management system.
  • Pick, pack, and ship your products via the most cost effective shipping method available.
  • Provide tracking numbers for shipments.


We ship to most foreign countries and give you various shipping options according to your preferences for cost, transit time, and tracking information. We also have established relationships with international freight companies for additional discounts.


We keep accurate track of your inventory as soon as it is received, counted, and stored. We have cycle/physical count and inventory re-order procedures to constantly monitor your inventory levels.


We have the experience and resources to provide any needed assembly for your products at very affordable rates. We can also build kits for special packages and add labeling using a variety of tags, labels, and labeling guns.


Our friendly and knowledgeable employees are well trained to assist you with all your shipping needs to best coordinate your sales and marketing system with our transportation and fulfillment systems. We also specialize in processing customer returns with call tags, exchanges, and damaged product resolution. Shipzoom can help you gain a much greater presence in the market, allowing you the ability to grow your business like never before while at the same time providing better customer service and keeping your overhead costs low.